Saturday, 26 November 2011

Waiting for Columbus

Thank you for the wonderful photographs from Latvia. We are waiting for Columbus :)

Columbus is on his way to France

Thanks Latvia for your wonderful work.

Saturday, 19 November 2011

Columbus is in Latvia

Next stop - France

Columbus is in Latvia!

Greetings from Latvia!
I have a great news!!! Columbus is here and on Monday he will be at school and will continue trip in Latvia! Post office works today but school does not work on Saturday! We have to wait Monday when Columbus will meet our students!
Have a nice weekend!

In the post office

On Monday, 21.11.2011.
The first day with our students
The first meeting with the 1st grade students. Hello, Columbus!!!
Sveiki! (Hello in Latvian). We waited Columbus so much!

Thank You Slovenia for so nice presents and cake! Really tasty!
Columbus is so wonderful!!! We love him so much!

We study Latvian language (native language). Bear Columbus in Latvian - Lācis Columbus

In the pre-school group - we make nice picture. Where is Columbus? 
Columbus a little bit sleep now cos he is very tired from long way from Slovenia. ;)

Greetings from Kristians, Signe & Krista (twins), Andra, Dinija, Ritvars

 In our sport hall in sport lesson

 Hello from Latvia!...says Janis
...and Diana
In the evening Columbus was a guest at home of our twins - Emīls and Agnese 

Ant stayed here till morning. Good night Columbus! Sweet dreams!

On Tuesday, 22nd November
Evelīna and Columbus like math 

Columbus! Look, how beautiful we draw you!

In the school library...What colours we will choose for Latvian mittens?
Now we will read in Latvian 

On Wednesday, 23rd November...

Some students make "vulcano"... it is not cake!!!


We wait Advent...

On Thursday, 24nd November
We love Columbus so much!

Laine, Dinija, Andra

Where is Columbus visited?   

Good bye Columbus! Have a nice trip to France!

Bye bye Columbus!

Next stop France ;)